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Services Offered:

Corporate Training:  Social media has become an increasingly important tool in the corporate world. Corporate training can be customized from basic or more advanced depending on skill level of employees.  Corporate training is billed per session, however multiple sessions will receive a discount.  

Content Assistance:  Creating content can be challenging for people when they aren’t quite sure what to post.  We’ll work together to find your social niche by helping you develop your own authenticity in what you post and the content you create.  Each session is one hour in length and can be in person (if local) or virtually depending on preference.  Creating content doesn’t have to be a chore.  

Sessions are one-time only, however more sessions can be booked.  If more assistance is needed, please speak with me before booking to see if a bulk discount can be applied.  

Coaching:  Social Media coaching includes weekly calls and strategic planning to make your time on social media easier.  Coaching is billed monthly and will include:

  • Weekly content creation assistance
  • Monthly content audits
  • Hashtag support
  • Accountability
  • Monthly strategic session

Book a month, or book a few months until you feel you are comfortable and prepared for the road ahead.

 Strategic Planning:  Developing a social media strategic plan is a necessity in implementing consistent and high performing content on social media.  Social media strategies are personalized and we will work together to review current issues/concerns on the platform or platforms that are being used and develop goals that are foundational to better leverage your social media presence.  Sessions are approximately 60 minutes in length and if local we will certainly meet in person or virtually depending on preference.  Each session is a one-time session, however, if you feel more strategy sessions are required, please speak with me to determine if a bulk discount can be applied.  

 Content Audit:  A content audit involves a taking an in-depth look at a client’s social media posts, identifying problem areas, looking at  hashtag use (if applicable), and reviewing trends.    Each audit will include a 30 minute virtual call to discuss findings, or 30 minute in person meeting if local as well as a written copy of the findings.

 Full Audit:  Clients should have at least 6 weeks worth if content available.

Mini Audit:  Clients should have at least 2 weeks worth of content to review.

** This service is not available for new social media accounts.